Cover Reveal: Spice

28 of September, 2014


So, who was that guy in the “Talk Nerdy to Me” t-shirt that Rocketssurgery drew for an upcoming IP novel? If you read Lilah Suzanne’s Pivot and Slip, you would have found the answer in the sneak preview of her upcoming romantic comedy

Meet Benji McHugh, the hot IT guy with the geek chic wardrobe who fixes more than just computers in Spice.

Spice is the story of Simon Beck, the author of the popular “Ask Eros” sex advice column who has answers for his readers’ relationship problems, but can’t solve his own—until computer troubles introduce him to the newest and cutest member of his company’s IT support team.

Look for Spice in early 2015.

Load The Dice: Episode 2 Holdout Man

27 of September, 2014


Interlude Press will soon release the second installment of  Moriah Gemel’s Load The Dice”; Interlude’s first Episodic Fiction.  I am thrilled to be an advance reader was once again delighted with this chapter entitled “Holdout Man”.

After meeting under very untraditional circumstances in episode 1, Jamie and Eric are both interested in the getting to know each other, but neither is really sure how to move forward.  They had sex the first time they met and yet Eric doesn’t like to gamble when it comes to dating and relationships. He usually waits until the time is right and he knows what the other man will do.  But there is something about Jamie that is pushing him to change his ways; something special that he doesn’t want to miss out on.  Jamie is so new to the lifestyle and that changes everything.  Eric is adamant that Jamie understand what he is getting into as well as set the boundaries for the beginning of their relationship. But all of this leaves the two men fumbling forward 2 steps and then back 1.  I love that this part of their courtship is so real and honest to what many of us experience.  There is no perfect courtship or knight in shining armor- in this story or in real life… instead it is messy and goofy; full of self-doubt, fumbles and second guessing.  Eric knows something special is right at his fingertips; he feels a deep connection to Jamie that is ever present, even though they only spent one evening with each other.  The problem is he isn’t sure how best to grab on and deepen that connection and he is as terrified as he is excited.

Episode 2 tells the story of their awkward initial communications and their first date.  What makes this story so special is that Moriah has given us two characters that are human with all their faults and intricacies, wants and needs.  We have Jamie, the sub who has just discovered the lifestyle and his own need for submission and Eric, the former Dom who rediscovers his need to dominate. But Jamie is no shrinking violet and Eric isn’t always so sure of himself and that is human and real and what makes the story so beautiful.  Well, that and the hot sex. 

Many of us have very little knowledge of what actually happens in the world of BDSM.  We read things here or there, but I would guess that most of us don’t know of anyone actively in the scene-and what is portrayed in media, literature, press, and porn is often inaccurate. There is a lot of bad information out there about what a sub is and what a Dom is and Moriah has made it one of her goals in this story to portray a Dom/sub relationship as  accurately as possible.  In Episode 2, Jamie tells Eric, “You treated me like a person, even though I’m a sub. I was scared of not feeling like that. Like… feeling like less than whoever I was with. The only person I know in the—the scene, is Ian. And—I’m sure you can imagine—…And I’m so glad it’s you, because you make me… feel things. And I’m. Um, I’m learning, I guess? I’m figuring things out better now, now that I have a—a focus.” Jamie concerns that the sub has no control and is less of a person in the relationship is so often exactly how subs are portrayed in porn and literature. The truth is it takes both a Dom and sub to have a successful BDSM relationship and it must be consenual and safe.  Eric’s response to Jamie is beautiful “Do you know what I loved most about our first meeting? About all that happened?” Eric asks. Jamie shakes his head. “That you were comfortable doing things. Some subs… a lot of subs, actually… they make it all about the Dom. They don’t do anything out of fear of doing things wrong. And I understand that, with how a lot of Doms are, but… I want someone who is my equal, not my inferior. I want someone who isn’t afraid to kiss me how they want to kiss me, how I want to be kissed. And you did that.”   

I can’t give too much away…and really you don’t want me to because the story is just that delicious.  Moriah always paints vivid pictures with her prose and her characters are well developed and complex.  Oh, and the sex is H.O.T.  As the men begin to get to know each other there is something underlying every interaction in what Eric describes as “…something prickling and cracking at the edges of Eric’s patience..” What that is my dear Eric, is pure sexual chemistry; chemistry so powerful and that is palpable in every interaction. While Eric continues to worry -hesitant to jump too deep- too soon, unsure of Jamie’s true motivation, and always the responsible Dom,  Jamie lays it on the line “You—you gave me everything, Eric,” he says. “You showed me who I really am and you did it in a single hour. What would you do to me with more? With weeks, months… with a lifetime? What could we do with each other?”  Indeed what could they do with each other? I can’t wait for Episode 3. 

Available for Pre-Order Next Week!

26 of September, 2014


Evan was used to distractions in the kitchen. His job was buoyed by auditory distractions: printers clicking a constant tick-tick-tick of new orders; cooks chattering about the food, their horrible mothers-in-law and how drunk they’d gotten the night before; expeditors shouting orders and the general clang-sizzle-hiss of food prep all served not only as a droned soundtrack, but also a constant distraction. You learned to work with it, if not for it.

But this distraction—Patrick’s lips moving up the curve of his neck, hot breath tickling his ear right before the damp warmth of his tongue traced the shell of it; Patrick’s arm wrapped firmly around his waist, hand dipping knuckle deep into the waistband of his lounge pants, the other covering his own hand on the sauté pan handle, “helping” him flip the asparagus over the heat—was a distraction he could not get used to.

Not that he wanted to. Not at all. 

* * *

Chef Evan Stanford steadily climbed New York City’s culinary ladder, earning himself the Rising Star James Beard award and an executive chef position at an acclaimed restaurant. But in his quest to build his reputation, he forgot what got him there: the lessons on food—and life—from a loving hometown neighbor.

Patrick Sullivan is contented keeping the memory of his grandmother’s Irish cooking alive through the food he prepares in a Brooklyn diner. But when Chef Stanford walks in for a meal, Patrick is swept up by his drive, forcing him to reconsider if a contented life is a fulfilled one.

The two men begin a journey through their culinary histories, falling into an easy friendship. But even with the joys of their burgeoning love, can they tap into that secret recipe of great love, great food and transcendent joy?

Release Date: December 2, 2014

Pre-Orders Begin: October 2, 2014

Pricing: $15.99 print / $9.99 multi-format eBook (US price)

Pages: 278

ISBN: 978-1-941530-17-7

US/Canada: Order the print edition from the Interlude Store before November 18th and receive the DRM-free, multi-format eBook for free.

International Orders: Chef’s Table will be available to order from most book retailers starting December 2nd. Submit a copy of your receipt to by February 2, 2015 and receive the eBook for free.

Yup, we slid the title right out there! Coming in 2015: The Rules of Ever After by Killian B. Brewer. 
26 of September, 2014

Yup, we slid the title right out there! Coming in 2015: The Rules of Ever After by Killian B. Brewer. 

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I love seeing my book in your hands…

23 of September, 2014


It never gets old.

This is me whenever one of you posts a pic of you with my book:


Every single time.

Us, too, Carrie Pack!

Available Today! “Hold Out Man”: Episode Two of Load the Dice

23 of September, 2014



Eric has always taken his time. Relationships that last need a foundation and work. Eric’s never been in a rush before. But he can’t deny that things with Jamie have only felt uncomfortable when he’s put on the brakes. So are they only meant for a flash-in-the-pan romance? Rush through what they can get from each other, whirlwind their way through the fantasies Eric promised, give each other the intense love they can in that short time, and part with hearts broken? Because that’s what Eric fears; that’s what this feels like. It can’t be that easy.

And Jamie is new to this. Eric is the only Dom he’s had. Eric’s worried that Jamie might have latched onto how Eric made him feel and equated the satisfaction of his needs with Eric alone, rather than as something other Doms could also provide. He thought he was doing what was best, giving Jamie and himself time to settle into their dynamic, make sure that wasn’t the only thing between them.

But what can he do? Eric’s feeling the same things as Jamie. He told Jamie not to be ashamed of his feelings—so maybe he should just take his own goddamn advice and take a chance, because his formula for love hasn’t exactly worked up to now, and it’s absolutely not working right this very second.

This whole thing is a gamble, a game. And you can’t win a game without taking a few risks, right? The worst that could happen is complete and total heartbreak, Eric thinks. The best is forever. What’s it gonna be?

“Stay tonight,” Eric blurts out, and Jamie’s eyes go wide.

* * *

Want to check out Hold Out Man, episode two of Moriah Gemel’s erotic serial, Load the Dice? Step on over to the IP Store

Or, if you know that you’ll want to enjoy the entire 10-episode serial in real time, you can buy The Bundle at its discounted price of $15.99 for the digital subscription + print Load the Dice novel at the conclusion of the series. 

Load the Dice
by Moriah Gemel

A 10-Episode Series

Pricing (All prices US):

A la Carte Print Book: $15.99

A la Carte Digital: $1.99 per episode.

Digital Subscription: $9.99 for twice-monthly episodes, plus multi-format eBook bundle (PDF, EPUB, and Kindle) at conclusion of the series.

The Bundle: $15.99 for twice-monthly episodes, plus the printed book, and multi-format eBook bundle at the conclusion of the series. 

Load the Dice, the debut serial for the Consent, an imprint of Interlude Press.


Questions from the audience…

23 of September, 2014


Anon asks: The blood drinking as sex/foreplay in Bleeding Heart is so hot! I love how you write it as if Brian enjoys letting Kyle drink from him as much as Kyle enjoys it. In a lot of vampire erotica, the human always seems to be scared of or consistently weakened by the process. Why did you choose a different route?

I’ve been writing vampire/non-vampire pairings for pretty much as long as I’ve been writing. I think the reason why I like that angle so much is that I’m fond of symbiotic relationships in paranormal/fantasy worlds, where one partner can provide something that the other desperately (and often biologically) needs, in both an erotic and a loving way.

The element of danger isn’t quite eliminated, but the theme of give and take that supports romantic love as well as every day relationships is more than enough to offset the risk that is being taken. There is always that chance that, no matter how careful they are, the vampire could hurt their partner—the risk as well as the persistence in taking it can be both excitingly sexy as well as entertaining, prolonging the suspense of what if?

In my wayward and super inappropriate-for-my-age Internet role-play days, no matter what kind of fantasy character I chose to play I always ended up in “relationships” with vampire characters. Then, it was typically a sort of magic creature—either a shapeshifter or a witch—who was capable of regenerating blood faster, healing faster, so that they could give their blood freely to their vampire partner. After settling down with a private group of players, I spent the majority of my time between 1998 and 2001 role-playing a relationship (a shapeshifter character) with a guy (a vampire character) who, twelve years later, would become my husband. Talk about long term commitment/symbiosis! It certainly worked out for us.

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On Infidelity


When I married my girl 16 years ago, my mother gave me “the talk.” Not about sex; that was a short-lived conversation which ended in me promising never to marry someone until I was sure we were sexually compatible. No, this talk was about the ebbs and flows of longterm love. This was a talk about…

On infidelity and Forever Man, by A.J. DeWall.

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Ficlet Friday: Still Fighting

23 of September, 2014


Felix backstory, Felix pov

He’s not faster than them; his dirty worn sneakers with a hole in the left sole slap slap slap on the pavement, his breath burning like stabbing sharp knives and legs like weak wobbly noodles, but running. Still running. He’s not faster, but Felix runs and runs and never stops running.

Sometimes he makes it home in time, words shouted from five stories down that hurt more than fists even though his teacher says they shouldn’t. Words can’t hurt you. But if that were true then why does it ache like a thumb pressed to a tender bruise, but inside where no one can see?

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We love these ficlets that give us extra glimpses into Pivot and Slip!

My personal review of Moriah Gemel’s “Load the Dice”, Episode 2

23 of September, 2014


Hi again !

It’s time for my review of the second episode of Moriah Gemel’s thrilling story, “Load the Dice”


Without further ado, please click on the “Read More” ;)

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